Sunday, April 27, 2008

Silent Sunday: Honoring Barbaro

I still believe in love at first sight. I am sure I am not only an incurable romantic when it comes to my love for animals, but I succumbed to the magic that Barbaro, the much beloved race horse exuded the moment he flew over the finish line, winning the 132nd Run for The Roses, the 2006 Kentucky Derby, by 6 1/2 lengths. His win was the biggest victory margin in a Derby since 1946.

I am a passionate horse lover but not as avid a Horse Racing fan as many of my friends,but the triple crown races, (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes) always find me glued to my TV.  Barbaro's grace, strength and magnificent athletic talent captured my heart. My love affair with him began on May 6,2006.  He continues to remain embedded in my heart as well  in all the hearts of his fans throughout the world.060506_barbaro_hmed_3p_h2 
Photo by:Don Emmert

While all Thoroughbred's birthdays are recorded as January 1, the beloved race horse, Barbaro's actual birthday is April 29. So in celebration of his life, and to highlight the contributions he continues to make through the efforts of the FOB's (Fans of Barbaro) to help all horses in need, I will be posting entries about him throughout  the upcoming week.

Share with us, by leaving a comment, your thoughts about Barbaro and how he continues to have an impact on your spirit.

Watch this magnificent video tribute to Barbaro, created by phutc7274: "Barbaro... Simply The Best."


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute.

Vicki said...

Even though I was never able to see him in person, he captured my heart from the first day he set foot on a track. I am still grieving over him, and there will forever be a hole in my heart. It is difficult for me to write about him as I still do not have closure over his death. He will always be remembered, and I will always love him.

Anonymous said...

Barbaro, what a majestic spirit! The youth in a muscle bound body full of smiles! Look at his pictures and tell me if this horse doesn't smile! Thank you for this time to remember, honor and respect such a True American Hero. Barbaro run Free Forever Friend. ~rc~