Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horseback Riding Lessons at Their Feliniest!

It is my no means a secret that cats and horses are my passion. I have always felt that there is a connection between these two species. Many horses enjoy the companionship of a particular horse, and many barn cats are magnetically attracted to them  and hang out in their stalls. They also enjoy keeping "their" horses company when turned out to graze.

Even Barbaro, one of the most famous race horses in history,(for whom we will be celebrating his life next week) was happy to have one of his own feline fans.


I do have irrefutable proof  however, of what may appear to some folks to be the epitome of the "Odd Couple". But in reality, cats and horses have been buddies for eons.


Rhoda's photograph of one of her barn cats, Chung, with her equine pal, Sugar demonstrates their purrfect relationship.

Rhoda writes,"Guess Chung has been watching my daughter ride too much. He is now showing off how easy it is for a cat to ride bare back on Sugar.  Bare back riding is not only for humans anymore."

According to Rhoda, Chung is a furry to both her horses and her dog. Seems to me that Chung is kitty with excellent taste! Do you agree?

Leave a comment for Rhoda with your reaction to this most unusual riding lesson!


Vicki said...

I love this photo, and how lucky she was to be able toi be there with her camera when it happened. She looks right at home on the horses back, and the horse is paying no attention to all that weight. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have horses and have had cats but to see this kind of closeness! Wow! This is really *kewl stuff! ~rc~

Anonymous said...

When we had horses the stray cats on the farm always slept with the horses. Usually in the hay racks or sometimes right on top of the horse's backs.
Now we have sheep. On a cold winters night I go out to check on the sheep and their welfare. There nestled among them, safe and warm, I will find the stray cat that seems to love the sheep.

Anonymous said...

I have seen pics of the horses and how great her daughter is with them and the rooster and was delighted to get them via email..
We have been omline friends for awhile..
This is adorable.. What a great cat and horse..Huh!!??
This is no surprise as they have a patient ,kind.and loving humans..

Janet Roper said...

Great pictures. That cat is really sitting on top of the world!

One of our barn cats, Christy, will take a seat in the arena when I free longe Shiloh. When Shiloh gets close to Christy's place, Christy will start meowing to move Shiloh along!
Janet Roper, Shiloh & Christy