Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: One Day Early

Since I will be announcing the winners of the "101 Dalmatians" contest tomorrow, I was compelled to  post this weekly feature a day in advance.

Of course you remember Grace, who was featured as Pet of the Week last week, on our Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline.

Well it seems that her "lofty" position has been rivaled by Linda's big boy, Simon who she adopted when he was 7 1/2 years old. Linda, a vet tech, has a heart as big as all outdoors. Simon had been signed over to the clinic where she was working. He had been put out as a declawed cat, taken to a "no kill" shelter but was almost put to sleep because he was a biter.

He was eventually adopted but developed a serious upper respiratory infection. When he was ready to go home, he needed a feeding tube but his owner was not able to deal with it, so she reluctantly signed him over to the clinic. Linda and Simon fell in love with one another instantly, and the love affair continues.


He now weighs 18 pounds. He is a "talker" which Linda so thoroughly enjoys. She only regrets that she did not have him as a fur kid since his kittenhood.

From his appearance, Simon is not at all shy about telling the world who he is. This is a lot of cat, don't you agree? I just love his pose. I wonder if he is recovering from a catnip hangover?  Let's conCATulate Simon  by leaving a comment for being our Pet of the Week.


Indigo said...

Somehow I had lost the link to your journal, glad to have discovered it once again. Simon is a gorgeous cat with an even more courageous story. I have a cat now that was declawed and put out to fend for himself. I nicknamed him Fiest since his face is covered with cuts and scars from all the cat fights. He's a lovable soul, just not very trustworthy of anyone.

He still prefers the outside but remains near the house where he can hide and get food. I try to accommodate his livelihood, he's earned in his feisty nature. (Hugs) Indigo

Vicki said...

Now this is the most relaxed kitty I have ever seen. ANd just by looking at him, I can tell he is well cared for and loved.

lindaandsassy said...

Thank you so much for posting my wonderful Simon on your site! He is sitting by me purring in my ear as I key. :-) I am so lucky to be his mom. Actually his original owners readopted him but had no plans to keep him. They were thrilled to sign him over and for me to take him in. I wanted him from the minute I laid eyes on him. He was so sick, he almost didn't make it but the minuted they did sign him over, he knew it and would go crazy every time I walked by isolation. He definitely picked me too! Simon fit right in with my other cats maybe in part because of his size. LOL If anyone has the book Chicken Soup for Cat Lovers, he looks just like the cat on the cover. He is a very special boy and I am so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Grace doesn't weigh as much as Simon! She's just 12.5 pounds, but that's still too much.

Simon is a handsome fellow, though, and I'm sure he owns the space he's in.


annie said...

simon is an absolutely gorgeous cat!

my teddy is also a talker, so i understand about simon's need to communicate with his fur mommy.

linda said...

I would like to state that my other cats are not overweight. Simon had a feeding tube when he was so sick and I think he has been trying to make up for lost time eating ever since. I measure their food and do try to manage his weight. He is very long haired but he is overweight. Not as much as it may look but he needs to lose about 3 or 4 lbs. It is a problem with multi cats.


KneadsToKnow said...


It surely is a problem with multi cats, but from where Simon originally came from, and all the problems you had with him and how you restored him to health, I have to commend you. I know how hard it is to separate cats at feeding time, but perhaps you can try that with him?

We stopped free feeding at our house, and the cats have really kept optimum weight.

Bless you for taking Simon in, and the great job you are doing with him