Monday, April 21, 2008

The Art of Head Butting: Photo Needs a Caption!


There is nothing sheepish about these two adorable pals, who apparently seem to have the art of head butting down to a science.

Makes me wonder if Matty is learning feline "tricks" from his good feline friend, Lazarus. Their human mom, DBDustbuny, may know their secret, and purrhaps will share it with us!

What do you think these two are communicating with each other? I do think that a caption is needed here. Get creative and join in this mini-contest which closes on April 28. Winner's name and caption will be announced, of course.


Vicki said...

Now look here bud, I ain't putting on no sissy sweater!

Luvbarbaro said...

Gosh, that's a hard one! HM?

"I kind of like you, but that sweater has got to go! I'll make you one much prettier with the fur off my back."

Anonymous said...

"I'm tryin' and tryin', but I just can't seem to figure you out!"


Anonymous said...

This is the feline mind are now in my power...