Sunday, March 30, 2008

Silent Sunday: Simon, the RagaMuffin

Simon and Bubby, two RagaMuffin cats, who own Chris, were hanging out on her husband cluttered desk when all of a sudden, Simon discovered the shadow of the ceiling fan. Talk about chasing windmills!


Simon just had to have a "go" with the fan monster.

The RagaMuffin breed make wonderful pets. Intelligent, inquisitve and playful, they are devoted to their humans and also delight in charming  visitors.


Reno said...

Beautiful cats! And I have heard that they have great purrsonalities as well. :)

Vicki said...

Really beautiful cats. I wish I could have my camera ready when one of my animals did something cute. They were caught at just the right moment.

donna9331 said...

You know a lot about cats...what do you think of Bengals, Savannahs? The wilder "looking" ones?

RP Cathouse said...

Such beautiful kittens! And the ceiling fans do cause excitement when they see them for the first time. Love the coloring on the kittens.


R P Cathouse
Maine Coon
Cats & Kittens

Rani said...

That's a riot! We have ceiling fans in nearly every room, but never had any of our cats even notice them. My Baby is a Ragamuffin and practically everything is a toy to him. They're a very playful breed, to say nothing of being lovebugs. Last year, I went to a Ragamuffin cat show and got to meet, pet, and hold a number of them, including a nearly-20# pure white beauty. I'm in a wheelchair and many cats are wary of that, but the Muffins were far more interested in me petting them and cooing over them. I learned that day that Muffins are truly the sweetest-natured cats I've ever come across.