Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Animals in Arts: Meet Rani Merens, a Special Artist.


Rani Merens, a local artist living in Central Florida, who mainly does portrait painting also has an amazing talent for capturing her subjects personality. It doesn't matter if she is painting humans or animals. Mrs. Merens brings them to life. It seems as if  these animals  could walk out of the canvas to jump into your lap. 

I was talking with Mrs. Merens this morning, and was amused to learn that most people inquire if she paints pets on commission, rather than only doing human portraits. Well of course she does, and thorougly enjoys doing them.

The eyes of this adorable pooch above,certainly speaks to us through the delightful expression on her face. Mrs. Meren's ability to demonstrate her love for animals through her artistic skill is quite unique.


But that skill is not the only unique quality that she brings to her painting.  Overcoming physical disabilities, Mrs. Merens is passionate about her gift. You can learn more about her from the artist's biography.

"Although I studied art in my teens and early 20s, I put it aside when I got married and had a family, dealing with work and kids and a home. I always did everything with an artistic eye, from making elaborate cakes for birthdays and Girl Scouts to making art-to-wear clothes for my children to decorating our home with an artistic flair. I became disabled in my 40s and it wasn't till age 51 that I met up with Sandra Wilson at the DeBary Art League where I have started painting in her Special Needs class. I can barely hold a pen to write, but when I am painting, something just seems to go from my heart through my arm and hand to the brush and to the canvas. It amazes me to watch a painting take form and come alive and to know that it came from me! I hope you enjoy my work. And yes, I do take commissions."


This Bombay cat gazes at us mysteriously.

VSA arts of Florida's mission is to create a society where people with disabilities can learn through, participate and enjoy the arts.  Mrs. Merens' work has been exhibited through this organization.

If you are interested in contacting Mrs. Merens for information or to  commission an artwork, you can reach her at


donna9331 said...

they are all awestrikingly BEAUTIFUL...what a tremendous talent!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Donna :-D Hearing from pet-lovers that they like my work just makes me feel great!