Friday, March 28, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet the King!

You may remember the adorable kitten R P Cathouse King Elessar featured last week, Can you say, "awwww?" Kitten Delight . He was just so charming, I could not resist posting his "puss" for all to see.  RP Cathouse's Maine Coons certainly  are the "cat's meow."

I am thrilled to announce that this little guy, who is now 16 weeks old is growing into a magnificent feline, and now shares his heart with his new cat servant, Dazzedelf. He is King of his castle! According to his breeder, this is a match "made to be."


This little guy has gorgeous eyes, and such a soulful expression on his face.


King Elessar has been chosen to receive the honor of Pet of the Week. Let's conCatulate his new owner by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

Strikingly handsome!!! He will be totally awesome when he's full grown and weighs about 20 pounds!


Anonymous said...


He's gorgeous!

Dazzedelf said...

Aww thank you. The little King is becoming Internet Royalty. If you would like to see more pictures of him just tell me where to send them and I'll forward them your way. I try to make sure I get weekly photos of him to help document his growth, so I can remember what he looked like when he hits 20lbs. (he's 4.5 already!)