Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Picture is Worth . . .


My husband and I have been fighting the "Flu" for over a week now.  Sneezing and coughing, exhausted and aching, my energy is about tapped out. So is his.

So this morning, with my imagination and creative juices at a standstill, and wondering about what to blog, I found this photograph in my email box.

It felt so purrfect in its ability to describe precisely how I am feeling, and convey my condition to my readers! And as a bonus, maybe our kitties will get a little insight into my physical condition as well and appreciate me a little more.

So while I generally don't use "stock" photographs, this one just grabbed my attention.

Maybe I am over identifying with this sad looking feline, but I don't think so!  Her little puss says it all.

Our cats are beginning to scatter around the house every time I  sneeze. Their sensitive ears must be overloaded But you would think they would be a little more compassionate, especially considering that I am always there for them when they are under the weather.

Time to clean another litter box and serve up a meal.  Sick time does not apply to a cat servant, right? 

I really am trying not to feel sorry for myself . . . but you would think that one of my furry friends would show enough interest to take care of me.

Don't you agree? Leave a comment directed to our cats telling them just how you feel. Thank you!


Laurentha said...

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. My "herd" is never sympathetic to my ills either. I hope you get over your funk REAL soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. It has hit this area very hard. Most of our friends have had it already. I hope and pray we don't get it this year. My first year for a flu shot, my first year without the crap! I keep my fingers crossed and have you and yours in our prayers. As for the 'kids' mine are the very same way! When I broke my back in 4 places I still needed to feed lunch and some times dinner. It was a very long, hard walk but I got it done! They seemed to be very thankful also. I felt the worse for my loving mare Bammer. She didn't mean to hurt me. Be well friend!

Vicki said...

Oh gosh honey, you look awful!(LOL) Poor thing, you look like something the cat dragged in. I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. That flu bug makes you feel so bad. Take care and I do hope you and Marty are both feeling better very soon.
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Now...what's the deal here? When I'm down, or sick, I'm overrun with puddy cats! Now, they never let me forget a meal, but when I come home from work overwrought (which is USUSALLY) someone always wants on my lap. I've even been getting Missy Toe in my lap mornings! Of course she hides her head so no one can see her LOL ( but this is the dilute calico that thinks sitting on top of the white dryer is "hiding."

Jo, I hope you feel better soon. I'm finally starting to feel better, there's still way to much to do at work, and I'm putting in a few extra hours here and there, but IN EIGHT DAYS I go on vacation!

Not going anywhere though, my new a/c unit is going to cost between 1800 and 2500 dollars (thank God I saved most of my severance pay)... but it'll be great to have an a/c with a 10 year warranty.

You hang in there. Remember, we ALL care. Let me know how you're doing!