Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cats and Purrsonalities:Meet Lucyfur


Some folks really think that a "cat is a cat." This is so far from the truth.

Our three cats have such distinctive purrsonalities. In a short series I will be talking a little bit about each of them.

Lucyfur ( yes I know that I need to call her by a name that doesn't suggest frustrating or negative qualities) is a cat that owns the joint. Since we adopted her as a very small ball of fur from our veterinarian's clinic, she has demonstrated that her word is law, and we had better take her seriously if we know what is good for us!

Since cats are drawn to their favorite perching areas, this behavior is part of their communication regarding their status in the household.The loftier preferential spots nail the claim.

Lucyfur's favorite hang out place is on top of our TV in our bedroom. It is one of the highest spots with a strategic view. Neither of our two other cats dare vie for it as she guards it diligently while the others five her the "evil eye" to express their jealousy.lucyowns

Another desirable location is the bathtub rim. She will sit with me while I am playing "mermaid", keeping me company while I am engaged in my daily ablutions. I think that the expression on her face and the position of her paw graphically demonstrates her possessiveness. But on the other hand she could be saying, "get out of that tub already and feed me . . . NOW!"

She does keep us laughing though. If there is a teeny crawl space she will find it . . . if there is a new piece of furniture she will claim it . . . and when a visitor arrives she is the first one to investigate and mark her new "property" liberally using her facial pheromones.

While she is extremely affectionate, at the same time her habit of chewing on my fingers can be quite painful. But that deep rumbling purr, accompanied with a plethora of kisses freely given, gives her that distinctive and unique purrsonality which we adore. She is a keeper!

What kinds of purrsonality traits do your kitties display? Leave a comment and tell us about them.


donna9331 said...

I really love LucyFur, but prefer to call her just "Lucy". She sure runs the roose and definitely loves you to pieces. My 6 felines are 2 elderly males (14 and 12) two females (Wheez, 9 and Toey, 7) then males Chester 5 and Mouse 2.

Wheezel is a lap cat (especially after her amitripyline (which has very effectively solved her litter box problems) but Toey is just kinda witchy and hates the boys. She has ocular herpes in one eye and LOVES the refrigerated drops put in that eye twice daily. I just recently (doh) realized that I usually wait on a cat to come to ME for love after or even before work, but Missy stays mostly on top of the kitchen cabinets or refrigerator. I've been making an effort to get her down every day for at least a little loving, and I can see a difference in her attitude, oh, not toward the other cats much, but she even sits on the counter top and waits for her drops, and I even caught her sitting next to my chair Friday, just waiting for her dose of love.

Six cats was definitely doable when I worked at home, but it's much more difficult to get in enough loving time for each one now that I'm out of the house 8>5 5 days a week. Vacation starting Friday though, and I imagine a lot of it will be spent lying on the living room floor with a brush...covered in cathair! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lucyfur is not a negative name at all! When I was a child I had a handsome cat named Lucifer. The name Lucifer is an ancient latin name for the morning star, the one we now call Venus. It translates to bringer of light. Google the name sometime and you will be surprised!
I must add about little Miss lucyfur, since I have made her acquaintance, that she has a fondness for feather dusters. She tries to steal the cleaning persons duster. She once did sneak it away and it was later discovered under the bed in may pieces.