Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maternity is Bliss: Mare With Foal

Foaling season is upon us again.

I have seen many amazing photographs of mares with their babies, but this one unique picture stole my heart. Thanks to BarnGoddess2 for sharing this very unusual pose of a new mom and her baby, with us.

This mom really looks a bit "tuckered" out, don't you think? But maternity seems rather blissful to me, judging by the look on her face.

There is nothing more miraculous than watching a new foal come into the world. Horse lovers will become addicted to following their favorite mare's progress in their pregnancy and delivery times by visiting

One can join chats and message boards through this web site where sharing excitement and joy is welcomed.

But don't say I did not warn you! One can spend hours waiting for the arrival of a baby!



Vicki said...

Oh my, this photo is amazing. It really should be on the cover of a magazine. It is just so moving and so precious. I love to watch mares with their babies. They know as much as humans that this is their baby and they protect them an way they can. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Joanne said...

That is such a beautiful picture. What a gorgeous mare and foal. I just love marestare. The love and trust between the mare and her "people" is beautiful to see and the bond between the mare and foal is beautiful to see it develop. Great site. It's worth the wait to be able to catch the moment of birth.

sheila said...

That picture would make a beautiful Mother's Day card, wouldn't it. Couple this with that video Vicki sent with the lion embracing his rescuer--beautiful reminders of how precious our animal friends are on this earth.

Pamie said...

Foals really come in handy when ya need a break from Mommy duties!

I can never get enough of Foals and their Moms...they just give us hope for the future

Cheryl said...

Oh My Gosh, That photo is Priceless!! I agree with Vicki, It should be on the cover of a magazine!! :>) How Precious!!

Thanks So Much For posting this!! :>)

Anonymous said...

My husband has been with horses all of his life...Like it or not! LOL! But when he saw this picture he said 'ahhh' out loud. I knew this was truly a special picture due to his experience with horses and their off spring! I have never been blessed enough to have a horse of mine have a baby, too afraid of what may happen! I have had a baby since 6 months though and what an experience! Thanks so much for such a touching picture! Jo, you are indeed special!