Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cats and Babies: Peaceful Co-existence


People frequently ask me  if it is safe to have a cat at home when a new baby arrives.

Cats and babies can be great pals and in fact many cats adore infants, as this photograph illustrates.

That being said,  learning more about prudent precautions, becoming informed about the fascinating myths that surround the relationship between infants and felines, will help in creating a safe and secure situation for them both.

I found an excellent article on this topic that covers all of the above. Feel free to pass this information along to friends who will find it useful.

Cats and Babies: Fact vs. Myth

by Cathleen Chance Vecchiato

Doesn't this baby and kitty look "blissed" out? I sure think so!


donna9331 said...

When my daughter had her baby (18 years ago now) Rocky slept with Douglas from the first night he was home until the day he went to the bridge some years later. He'd guard the baby, when Douglas was a toddler, he used Rocky for a pillow, carried him around like a stuffed toy. And nary a scratch after all those years. He was a BEAUTIFUL totally white cat with brilliant green eyes. Diane worked at Olan Mills (Photographer) and even took his professional photo. He posed like a model. He was a lot like my late Clifton, more like a dog than a cat, but Douglas had a feline protector and friend for many years. :)

Rani said...

I gave the litterbox chores over to DH during my pregnancies. Once each baby was born, Theta was fairly disinterested. She accepted DH when he came into the household and she accepted the kids when they came in. But she was never anyone else's cat, just mine. She accepted them only because they came along with me.

She never bothered them or hurt them or tried to sleep with them. When they tried to play with or bug her, she basically yawned and walked away or went back to sleep. Ho hum, ==kids, that was her attitude.