Friday, March 14, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Baby- The Ragamuffin


Baby, a Ragamuffin neutered male kitty, who shares his home and heart with Rani and her husband, Steve, loves to pose for the camera, showing off his beauty for all to see. He is well aware that he is "hot" stuff.

This affectionate and human loving breed, the Ragamuffin will instantly steal your heart. He stole mine!

ConCATulations to Baby for being chosen as Pet of the Week.  I am sure that Baby will be thrilled, but he knows that this honor is well deserved.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat. Cats seems to know when the camera is around. They are natural hams in front of the camera.

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking kitty! He is lucky to have a fun home that he is happy for..(it also shows on his face!) Cats are indeed fun beings in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cat! Also this article as well as all the others are very well written and hold one's attention.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! What a handsome guy he is! Maybe it's just me, but I happen to think that ALL cats are beautiful, some more than others, but the beauty is there.


Rani said...

That's My Baby!

He really is as sweet and gorgeous in real life as in this photo. Muffins are real lovebugs and Baby is a beautiful representative of the breed.

When we have a houseful of guests, Baby is meeting every one of them at the door, saying "Hi, Stranger! I know why you're here... to pet ME!" And then loves all over everyone and steals their hearts.

I've had many kitties in my life but I think I'll choose Ragamuffins for the rest of my life. They're beautiful and have such "CATanality." I've yet to meet a Muffin who wasn't like that.

Even my hubby, who claims not to be a cat-lover, has succumbed!

Thanks for honoring My Baby!