Friday, March 7, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Butch


This photograph was so appealing to me. Seems like this adorable Pit Bull, Butch, who owns Laurentha  must be having a wonderful dream. I just love the smile on his face.

I do wonder what he is dreaming about, though. What do you all think?

Mr. Butch is Pet of the Week on Frequently Feline. Since he shares his home with several kitties, I am sure he is comfortable with his appearance here!

Congratulations to both Laurentha and Butch!

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donna9331 said...

Yannow, pit bulls have such bad reputations. I have a friend in NY that volunteers at a dog shelter (cat shelter too) and most of them are just so mistrated or misunderstoon. Some of them have just been giant teddy bears! It's a shame that because STUPID people groom these dogs to fight, then teach them to kill that they have such a bad rap. Me? If I were a dog person, I'd sure give one a shot. (Don't think my 6 cats would like that though, but maybe after I retire!)