Monday, March 17, 2008

Mini Horses are Marvelous


Miniature Pinto Mare

While Miniature horses may be small in stature, their hearts are huge. Wonderful pets, these little equines are versatile companions. 

They come in a wide variety of colors and coat patterns, but their common denominator is their petite size, which range from 34'' to 38" measured at the withers.

Miniature horses are often kept as pets, as they are friendly and get along well with people, but they still have all the natural traits of horses and need to be treated as equines. They can be housebroken and will let their owners know when it is time to let them out.

They do need access to outdoor areas, and thrive living in a barn environment when they are not interacting with their human caretakers. They make excellent service animals for people with disabilities and are excellent working as guide horses to the blind.

So if you are longing to share your life with a little horse the miniature just may suit your needs. But be forewarned: They generally come with a hefty price tag.

Enjoy this short video of Miniature foals playing, uploaded to You Tube by: selwynjanette

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Vicki said...

I used to have two mini horses, and they are so precious. Mine were not housebroken so they stayed in a special area on the farm. I showed them in a couple of shows, and they did fairly well. They have a sweet personality, but still command the same respect that a large horse does. You have to be very careful about the amount of hay you give them, bvut they are really fun to have around.