Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Horse Slaughter: Vs. Humane Euthanasia


Bam- Kim's beloved equine companion

Those of us who love horses and who are involved in the fight to abolish horse slaughter and the transportation of horses outside the United States destined for slaughter plants are painfully aware of the myths that the pro-slaughter group promote. One of them is their frequently used argument that there is no need to ban horse slaughter as it is a form of humane euthanasia. According to Alexbrownracing.com, this is far from the truth.

Excerpted from the site:

"Myth: There is no need for a ban because slaughter is humane euthanasia.

Fact: Horse slaughter is a far cry from humane euthanasia. "Euthanasia" means a gentle, painless death provided in order to prevent suffering. Horse slaughter is a death fraught with terror, pain, and suffering. Horses are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time in crowded double-decker cattle trucks without food, water, or rest.

Pregnant mares, foals, injured horses, and even blind horses must endure the journey. Once they arrive, their suffering intensifies—undercover footage obtained by The Humane Society of the United States demonstrates that fully conscious horses are shackled and hoisted by the rear leg and have their throats slit. Because horses are skittish by nature, it is particularly difficult to align them correctly and ensure the captive bolt stun gun renders them unconscious. Unwanted horses should be humanely euthanized by a licensed veterinarian when no other option exists, rather than placed on a truck, cruelly transported, and then butchered. Most horse owners already use humane euthanasia for their older or ill horses. "

But many people continue to believe that the practice of horse slaughter is a form of humane euthanasia. This nasty form of propaganda continues to be one of the biggest lies surrounding the cruel and heartless practice.There are even equine veterinarians  to continue to perpetuate this myth. Do they really believe it to be an accurate statement? But sadly to say, in my own experience in talking with several equine practitioners, this was the case.  I just don't understand how they can justify this argument. Don't they have eyes?

There is nothing humane about horse slaughter. The humane euthanasia of critically injured or terminally ill horses is done with care and concern by responsible horse owners.

I found an extremely compelling video that graphically dispels the myth that slaughter is a form of humane euthanasia. While it is difficult to view, it serves as further ammunition for those involved in the fight to end the practice of horse slaughter and the transport of horses destined to be slaughtered outside the United States.

dougsgirl63, a self-professed animal caretaker and "house mouse"  made the video and uploaded it to YouTube on February 27, 2008. This is what she wrote about it.

"This video I made today with intentions on it heading to Washington to show my Senators and Reps the truth about what all is involved in horse slaughter.The pro slaughter side will make you believe that horse slaughter is humane euthanasia...It is not.....In this video i have footage of everything that happens to our American horses on their journey to the slaughter house and at the end it will show you what "IS" humane euthanasia."

I highly commend her for making this video and her courage for sharing it. I do hope that folks will take the time to watch it and pass it along to friends who are also involved in the support of the passage of S.311 and HR 503.

For more information about strategies and what you can do to help, visit: Alexbrownracing.com


fourhorsegal said...

There is no comparison between euthanasia, and slaughter.

I can't watch this video as I know all to well how these horses are treated, and I can't believe that anyone who calls themselves a human could possible allow it.

People that believe in this horrible act, have something terribly wrong in not knowing the difference in right and wrong.


vickie said...

These people should be in jail for along time and anyone else involved with it.

This is not a humane thing to do.
Thoes involved will be punished.
Let Japan raise their own food.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. It was very disturbing to say the least. I totally agree with humane euthanasia. When I had to make that decision about my son's shetland pony we did not hesitate to call the vet.

I guess I have been out in this world way to long. I have been to auctions and had to turn away when the "less than desirable" horses came up for auction. It broke my heart. I knew who the men in the back row were and what their intentions were too.

The truth is that we may be Americans but we have grown up in a throw away society in the last 20or 30 years. Money is the kicker. If you don't want a horse any more and you are to cheap to end the horse's pain and suffering you send it to auction and GET MONEY. Money seems to make this whole world go around. Vets cost money and people are just to cheap to call one for the most part.
It is a sad commentary on life but somewhat true.

I keep praying that this bill will pass and horses will be saved. I can think of tons of 4-H kids that would do anything to have a horse all their own. There are so many options for unwanted horses. I pray we wake up and realize that these beautiful animals deserve so much more then a grim ride to death.

Cheryl said...

It's been a crazy week for me- but Anyway, GREAT article and VERY, VERY heart breaking!! I don't think I can watch that video right now, but I will definitely come back later and watch it. I think I ate something bad for lunch! :>)

I did watch a graphic video from John Holland once, seeing the inside of a slaughter plant, has got to be the ultimate torment for these beautiful creatures. Some of them had very terrified looks in their eyes, some looked very healthy & unsure -- and some were a bit unkept looking unfortunately. They were all gorgeous though!!!!

Thanks for the article!! :>(

Pamie said...

As always, Jo, you get to the heart of the matter. Thanks again for educating the public and for encouraging them to speak up!

redponygirl said...

The problem isn't the slaughterhouses. The problem is breeders and horse owners not taking responsibility for their own animals and the plain cold truth that the average horse owner can't afford to humanely euthanize. To "save" horses from a horrible end has to start with horse owners having a cost effective (it should be free and Vet's should NEVER charge to euthanize which means the equine drug companies should donate the product for this use). Donations are tax deductible and who doesn't need additional tax deductions?