Monday, March 3, 2008

The Spraying Episodes Abate: Update

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Something is catching the cats' attention! 

We are not sure that all of the spraying problems have stopped, but there sure has been a fantastic improvement. I thought that I might have found one little spot where I caught a whiff of that all to well know odor of cat pee, and I thoroughly cleaned the area, just in case it was fresh.

We had suspected that an outside "stranger" tom cat, who was roaming our neighborhood, yowling and calling for a mate, may have initiated the spraying  behavior. Thankfully this traveling salesman has vacated the area and no further sounds or threats have been made. Thus the need for defensive action to protect territories is no longer needed.

We also isolated who we suspected might have been the main spraying culprit, as opposed to "peeing" on the bed. Trouble, renamed "Hubble" (for now) to end any negative associations with his name, was isolated to measure his fluid intake. Alone in the bedroom, his  marking "deposits" on the new plastic covered mattress was all the evidence we needed.

Just to be sure we isolated Puppy and Lucy separately, with no further inappropriate elimination. Lucy is being treated with Amytryptaline which seems to be calming to her. She has no more evidence of crystals either.


"Hubble" has calmed down significantly. He is doing well on  Desmopressin to treat his Diabetes Insipidus,and Amytryptaline to relieve anxiety. His water intake has decreased and his urine appears to be concentrating. Dr. Holder will be testing him tomorrow to monitor his progress.

Hush Puppy is doing great. With the decreasing domination behavior by "Hubble", he is much more relaxed and not as nervous.

We are optimistic that this stressful time has come to an end.  Inappropriate elimination is a very complex and difficult problem to deal with. It takes patience and a good deal of detective work, and the support of skilled veterinary care.

More news will be posted as time progresses. We are thankfully beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Anonymous said...

*OMG! I was watching t.v. yesterday and it had some kind of 'plug in' for air that rids the smell that makes cats want to pee on things..?..I will try to see if I catch it again. Good luck and our prayers are with you and your 'family' during this time! ~RC~

PerfectTosca said...

Hi it's me, Tosca. What you gotta do is get your cats a dog to pick on. Since I came here, the cats don't have time to worry about other cats outside and stuff like that. They are too busy picking on me. In fact, there's a coupla times when they made ME pee.

donna9331 said...'s called Feliway, and while it's somewhat pricey, it DOES work. I find the best prices on E-bay. You have to buy the plug in thingys too, but after that you can just buy the refills.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Donna! far I am okay with this issue! Tomorrow is another day though! Jo, thank you for creating a fun site for us animal lovers! We pray all of your p. problems are behind you!
Always! RC...*KEWL dog also may I add! Great suggestion!! It's gotta be a dawgs life!