Monday, February 11, 2008

Where Are The Cats? Home Coming Approaches

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Poor Hush Puppy. I feel for the little guy. He must be feeling  dreadfully insecure and wondering whatever in the world is going on in what he perceived to be his  safe and structured environment until just a few days ago. When I am out of sight, he yowls loudly for me with plaintive sounds that breaks my heart.

For the past several  days, his brother, Trouble and "sister", Lucyfur have been hospitalized at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital,  giving  Dr. Holder an opportunity to assess any medical cause for their bout with inappropriate urination all over the furniture in our bedroom. Hush Puppy has been totally bereft without his pals. The good news is that we can rule him out as one of the culprits participating  in this most unpleasant mystery.

Thus far we have learned that Lucyfur has developed Struvite Crystals in her bladder which can be controlled with diet and medication. Trouble is producing extremely dilute urine which is indicative of a medical problem. A cat's urine should be concentrated. Coupled with this and his  voracious appetite and thirst may be pointing in the direction a possible diagnosis of Diabetes. We are eagerly awaiting the results of blood tests taken on Saturday.

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Hush Puppy will be overjoyed to see his pals when we pick them up this afternoon to bring them home. We hope that their separation has not caused further stress and that their reunion will be without further upset.

It has  been really disconcerting for us with Trouble and Lucyfur being absent. Having only one kitty around the house seemed incredibly odd. Living with three cats seems so much more "homey."


Vicki said...

I hope Trouble does not have diabetes, but if he does, it is better to know exactly what is causing him problems, than for it to go undiagnosed. But I am sure that when the other two come home from the hospital today, they will have a grand reunion.

renegade cowgirl said...

Geez! Our Doc got really ill one year from his kidneys. They changed his food and he was all better and has been! We pray all will be okay in their tests! Welcome home children! Hush Puppy must have loved all of his pampering while his friends and family were away! God bless and be with all of you!

Joanne said...

Oh, the house always seems so empty when somebody is missing - and two somebodies - that must be awful. At least the two problems that the vets seem to be diagnosing are controllable thank goodness. Hope they come home soon and all three of them will be tearing around the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jo, you're not alone. I caught Wheezel urinating on the quilt on the back of the couch today. I don't know if that means her crystals are back...I already have to take Toey to the vet the 23rd to get her eye drops renewed...Since wheeze has already been diagnosed with 2 different kinds of stones, I don't know if we'll have to go through the screening process again, or if they'll just give me the meds and insist she eat the SD food she hates. Say a prayer for us...we're frustrated!

Anonymous said...

IF you sure you seal the subfloor with some oilbased substance...paint, polyurethane..anthing that will SEAL the cat scent in the subfloor and keep it from keeping the cat's sensitive noses.

I read this tip in Cat Fancy 20 years ago and used it sucessfully when we had a litter of kittens who urinated right by the basebards. We ripped up the carpet and tack strip, then "slopped" OIL based polyurethane onto the edges of the floor letting it run under the baseboards to try and cover any urine that made it down into that area. IT cat ever soiled in that area again!