Friday, February 1, 2008

"Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline", Goes Live!

Since many folks have been emailing me with fantastic photos of their pets, this morning while I was looking at them, I had a "light bulb" moment.

Every Friday, our special feature will be  "Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline."

All pets owners and their pets are invited to participate in the fun. 

To give your pet their turn in the spotlight. Please email your photographs, the name and age of your pet with  a brief description to

Today's apaws goes to Donna's black and white Domestic Shorthair kitty, Pirate.

What I loved particularly about this photo, is the charming Cheshire Cat grin on his face. It  makes me wonder just about what he is thinking. It  is highly possible that  Pirate is definitely scheming up some kind of kitty plot which could be delightful or . . . just the opposite.

Help Donna and leave a comment letting her know what  you suspect might be on Pirate's mind.  I am sure she will be happy to receive your feedback!


Anonymous said...

That kitty looks like might be sitting there patiently waiting for a nice fat mouse to come by.

renegade cowgirl said...

Arrrrrrr Mate-E! I do believe Pirate is day dreaming about being aboard Jack Sparrow's ship! Or perhaps a day of sunning and hunting! Awesome kitty! I had a special friend that looked like Pirate! We sure had fun together!

Anonymous said...

My Pirate is a STAR! Well, he's always been a star in my eyes...he has the sweetest disposition of any cat I've ever owned. He's very perceptive to my moods and in my lap all the time (unless the furnace is running and he's in the cat bed atop one of the vents-- that heat must feel good on his almost 14 year old bones. He's still very active for a cat his age in spite of a diagosed significant heart murmur (discovered suddenly 5 or so years ago, but Chester the kitten -- at the time -- and subsequent kitten Mouse have kept him active.) He certainly doesn't act like such a senior citizen!

Thank you Jo, for sharing my beloved Pirate with the world. He's a doll!

Sharon Lee said...

What a beautiful snuggle bunny Pirate is! That smile reminds me of a dolphins smile. Total contentment. He loves his momma too. Arent they the best!? Enjoy your little ship-mate!

CherylLMT said...

I think Pi Pi is thinking that he is the leader of the Totally Purride despite what Chessie and Mouse Mouse might think (or Wheezie for that matter).

Was it Mouse or Pi who was the first to accept me when I met them? I can't recall. All I remember is Pi is such a doll.