Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Purrsidential Catidate! Meet Lazarus

Lazzy2002 Hat and Glasses

DBDustbuny's black and white Domestic shorthair kitty, Lazarus, has been quite active in politics lately. As a result,  last night he issued the stunning announcement of his plans to throw his hat into the ring to run for Purrsident. Of course he has chosen the DemoCATic party.

During an interview following this surprising turn of events, Lazarus remarked,  "While I was extremely flattered by the RePUPlican party's invitation to join their platform, we felines must rally together in order to form a strong and united front."

Lazarus  jumped onto the campaign trail this morning with a whirlwind schedule planned. His staff is looking forward to a landslide victory next week on  Supurr Mewsday.

With his remarkable campaign promise,  "A cat in every lap", we think he stands an excellent chance to defeat his competitors, don't you agree?


Vicki said...

Heck, if that pretty cat can sit still with that get up on long enough to get a good picture, he can run for about anything. I think he would beat the current candidates by a mile!

renegade cowgirl said...

What a cute cat! We are voting for you Lazarus! And at least one cat per lap!