Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it Trouble or Hush Puppy? Spraying Part Deux

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Yesterday afternoon, cat in carrier, armed with Lucyfur's  favorite non-grain foods, a washcloth impregnated with my scent and an abundance of tender-loving care, off we went to my Veterinarian's clinic. Dr. Holder and I both thought it prudent and logical to leave Lucyfur at the clinic to be observed and if needed, rendered immediate treatment.

Arriving home, I carefully used a special product that Dr. Holder provided me, to  neutralize the pungent odor that  lingered like a heavy cloud  in our bedroom. After I completed this arduous task, while the scent was not completely absent, the bedroom was a much more tolerable place in which to sleep. I carefully added Feliway spray to the areas in which we assumed Lucyfur had left her eau-de-chat calling card and took some time to relax.

I fed Trouble and Hush Puppy, and spent time playing with them, hanging out watching TV, both of  them glued to my hip. I was optimistic that we had found our culprit, who was doing quite well, "screaming for her supper", according to the positive phone call I received from Dr. Holder last night.

However, upon arising this morning, much to my shock and horror, a very familiar odor wafted its way to my nostrils, accompanied by a visible wet spot appearing on the carpet at the foot of our bed.

It seems that one of the other cats is either marking his territory in response to  the remaining scent left by Lucyfur, or we have another cat who has a medical problem which is coming to light. And to make it even more problematic is that Lucyfur may not have been spraying feline at all.

After a lengthy conversation with Dr. Holder this morning, we both remain in the dark. Trouble has an appointment this coming Saturday morning to evaluate any medical condition. Unfortunately we may be dealing with both a behavioral problem as well as bladder crystals.

I suspect that some kind of dark karma is following me, since this is a brand new issue for me in all the time I have lived with cats.

The expression, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." comes to mind as I try to get some control over this situation.

And of course the next step is to separate Trouble and Hush Puppy so we can accurately assess  which of these two  are trying valiantly  to send us an urgent message.

But I suspect that it is Trouble who is the kitty communicator, since Hush Puppy has been cuddled under the blankets all morning, while his brother, Trouble sniffed the carpet carefully and roamed around the bedroom.

I sure hope we get a handle on this problem very soon. Inappropriate cat urination is one of the most difficult behavioral issues to resolve.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I don't remember, is Trouble the one on Buspar? Or is it Puppy? If it's Trouble, purrhaps the dose needs to be changed, or purrhaps the addition of another antianxiety drug may be beneficial if it is found that a medical problem is not the cause. If I remember correctly, you can use Buspar and Prozac(Fluoxetine) simultaneously. I may be wrong though......
I hope you solve this problem quickly. Many GLOWS to you, Lucy, Trouble and Puppy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope you get the problem solved quickly as I know what kind of pain it can be. Mouse has been pretty good lately, but like you, I never know if what I find (mostly on countertops where it's easily cleaned and sanitized) is Mouse spraying or Wheezel peeing. I finally bought a gel type air freshner to put on the countertop. They hate the smell so stay away from it. Things seem to have reverted to the kitty litter pans now (unless there's something I haven't discovered yet.) Keep me posted!