Friday, February 22, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline


Nessie, a Seal Point Snow Shoe Siamese, snuggles with Angus, a white Domestic Shorthair. These two adorable kitties have become  RogueThistle's furry family.

Verbally communicative, these elegant cats often have a great deal to "talk about"  with their human companion.

With this compelling pussycat pose, I think they are demanding to be our Pets of the week, don't you agree?

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Anonymous said...

what an adorable picture! it's always wonderful to see two pets bond like that. It's one of the things I miss having 6 felines, they are all so independent of each other (most of the time)...unless the furnace is running and three of them try to squeeze into the cat bed on top of the living room register. Usually the older cats go for that... Pi is almost 14 and Flakes is going to be 12 next month. The heat has to feel good on those ol' bones on these cold nasty winter days!