Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Magic of Horses: A Special Relationship

Kim and Breeze take a walk 

Even though years have elapsed since I was owned by horses, I still miss being around them. Their magic has indelibly touched my heart. It is painful to be without them, so when I meet horse lovers through the Internet who are blessed to have them in their lives, I can  live through them vicariously and am able to share stories and photographs of their magnificent animals.

Building a relationship with a horse is  process that requires love, patience and commitment. Emotional and intelligent animals, horses  have an amazing ability to remember what we might consider to be the most insignificant event. It takes skill and knowledge about the way  horses think to  become fluent in  their "language"  to effectively communicate with them. But once that solid partnership is established, which includes mutual trust and respect, sprinkled  gently with a sense of  adventure, the rewards in sharing one's life with a horse, in my opinion cannot be equaled.

Kim, a devoted horse owner  who lives out West, spends lots of quality time with her gorgeous Quarter Horse filly, Breeze. She takes her for walks, for rides in her trailer exposing her to new things gradually. This slow and steady ground work builds Breeze's confidence in her as a leader and  cements their special bond. She feels that the more that the more experiences that she and Breeze share before the first time she gets on her back, the more solid their partnership will become. Kim is indeed a very lucky lady, as are all the horses who share her life.

Kim and Raven explore the countryside

Have you ever fallen in love with a horse? Leave a comment and tell us about it.


Vicki said...

From the time I was a small child I have loved horses. From the back yard nag, to the costliest Thoroughbred, I love them all. I have two Double registered Palomino Quarter Horses, and an 18+ hand Albino Walking Horse. I love them dearly. Horses have always been my passion.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they the best! We have 4 Quarter Horses. Our two older girls are half sisters. The Breeze and Raven are full sisters. My first horse I got when I was 11 and I had her until I was 40! She was 2 when I got her and left when she was 31! They say 'BUY AN AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE AND HAVE A FRIEND FOREVER!'I believe in getting them exposed to life and trust in me! What a relaionship this can build. My horses have never been ones to jump for rocks crossing a creek, etc. This is because they trust in where I am asking them to go. And their feet place right there! Yea Haw! Thanks Jo! The Breeze is a *star* in our eyes also!