Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spooky Things For Horses!


Cow "muffins" are scary objects and need to be carefully watched", according to Breeze, Kim's Quarter Horse Filly.

She really does appear to be giving them a suspicious once over. Her body language says that she is getting into "flight" mode.

Years ago, Snickers,a Thoroughbred/Arabian/Welch Pony mixed breed young horse of mine, suddenly shied when he spied a pile of his own manure during an enjoyable  late afternoon ride. 

All hell broke loose and the bucking bronco show began. You should have seen the shocked expression on my face. I managed to hang on, fortunately.

In retrospect  I suspect that the  shadows which were made by the setting sun must have made his little "pile" very frightening to him.

Do your horses spook at what we think of as innocent objects? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.


Vicki said...

ONe day as it was raining, I had to go into the pasture. So I had an umbrella over my head. As I approached my horse, he started to act like some kind of nut. I realized he was afraid of the umbrella. So as soon as I put it down, he was fine. It is funny the things that spook them.

Anonymous said...

Well........also the windmill was blowing making quite the noise! We also had 'just' been in a wreck!The Breeze watched the police car as the lights blinked back and forth! We were truly blessed that none of us were hurt! I had my turn signal on, right arm straight out to also let them know 'yes, I am turning.' This didn't concern the young lad who got stuck under the truck in his small car as he was hauling butt to try and pass me as he didn't know 'what I was doing.' He could have flipped my truck, hit the trailer, unhooked the trailer...I know we were truly blessed! And then came the cattle! LOL! She was born on a ranch but this was all new to her again! Oh my!