Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Never Look a Horse Gift in the Mouth"

There is nothing more healing than a good belly laugh. The expression, "laughter is the best medicine" is so very true.

Now you probably had to be there, to appreciate the humor in this little interchange on the phone that I had the other day with my dear friend, Vicki. But let's give it a try. The two of us were giggling so hard we were doubled over holding our tummies.

Most of the horse folks who hang out here will remember that vicki's albino horse, Casper, came home from the hospital a little over a week ago.

Confined to a small paddock and free access stall, but not able to hang out with this buddies just yet, Vicki was concerned that Casper was getting bored. During our phone call, I suggested that perhaps a toy for his water bucket might just cheer him. My mare loved her rubber froggie in her water bucket and, in fact, would not drink from it if froggie was absent. Her favorite thing was to push the frog to the bottom of the bucket and watch it pop up. It could occupy her for several hours! Vicki rushed me off the phone so she could go shopping! She was psyched!

So off she went to the Walmart to purchase some toys for Casper. As she searched the aisles looking for a rubber ducky or froggie, a little old lady approached her to help.

"May I help you, dear?" she queried. "I am looking for a toy that floats in the water, for a young child."

The sales lady ushered Vicki to the pool toy area showing her several inner tube rubber horsies and ducks. Of course they were far too large for a water bucket. Vicki turned to the sales lady to tell her that those were not exactly what she was looking for. "Well just exactly what do you need?" the helpful lady asked. Vicki thought about it for a few seconds and said, "Well, I am looking for a toy . . . (sales lady blanched a bit). for a horse who is recouperating from an illness and is bored. I was thinking about a rubber duck type toy, to be honest." The sales lady beamed at Vicki and said, " I know JUST the place where you can find these toys . . . Go to Walgreens! They carry lots of toys like that." So I guess "Macy does tell Gimbels" ( Boy am I dating myself).

Off Vicki went to Walgreens and found the most wonderful dunk in a bucket toy for Casper.
And she is now on her way to buy Casper a portable battery operated radio so he can listen to music while he dunks. Perhaps they will play a "horse opera" for him.

Total Cost for Purchases:
Toy: 4.95
Radio: 15.00
Gas: 10.00
Expression on Sales lady's face: Priceless

This is a real expression of love between horse and his owner, don't you agree? Leave a comment please!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. I have a little yellow rubber duck that sits on a shelf in my bathtub. If she runs short of toys, she's welcome to it. (It's never been used). It's small though, Casper wouldn't try and eat it would she?

Vicki said...

This was the funniest thing. When I finally got the courage to tell the sales lady what I wanted and why, she was speechless. But she was very helpful. Sure enough, Walgreens had the big rubber duckies, and Casper loves shoving it around in the trough. What an experience! When I was telling Jo about it, we were both laughing so hard we could hardly breathe.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking alot about Casper and am happy to hear about him as he heals! I never thought about a water toy! I should after the many times of retrieving the horses ball from their water tank! Guess where I will be going today? There is nothing like fun and games with our horse family. Enjoy your time and give Casper a big hug from the King family! ~rc~

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I may go get one for Sarah to play with--maybe it would keep her feet out of the water tank! She loves nothing better than to soak her "nails" (horseshoe nails, to be sure) in the cool water on these hot summer days!

Kathy said...

What fun!! My dogs and cat play with their toys, but I never thought of a horse enjoying a toy. It really does make good sense. (horse sense??)


Anonymous said...

Horses are such intelligent animals and need stimulation. What a wonderful idea. Bravo!