Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting Shoes: A Peaceful Picture

I love this photograph. If you take a moment to "feel into" the picture, you will be able to hear the blacksmith doing his work.

I always found that sound to be relaxing.

Hope you enjoyed a moment at the barn.


Vicki said...

When the farrier comes to work on my horses I get a bit nervous. They expect them to stand there and be perfect. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. But it is always interesting to watch them.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear the horse giving out a big sigh, thinking boy I did need new shoes.

Anonymous said...

But I just can hear the horse giving out a sigh, and saying I did need new shoes.

Anonymous said...

A farrier can be your horses worse enemy or best friend. Raven and our farrier grew together through time. lol! But our 2 year old still keeps him dancing. Any farrier who doesn't have patience or makes your horse nervous needs to go! I caught one taking a rasp to my horses belly as she was leaning on him. I punched him in the belly and when he asked why I told him and allowed him to leave. No human or animal should ever have to be forced to react to fear! Taught fear will only get one hurt...and the person teaching it deserves it. I have wiped a tear from a horses eye before. YES, THEY CRY. We love our farrier and thank God for him!