Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taking a Needed Break: But Not Disappearing!

I love blogging here, but I have been so busy writing blog entries for Petside that I am just all written out lately.

I feel JUST like this cat and dog, and need a little break. Since I love the interactions and comments which I receive, and I so enjoy posting stories and photographs of interest, I have decided that as a compromise to save energy, I will post as often as possible, but probably not every day for now.

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to make this blog popular and fun. So stay tuned, I have not disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Jo, I know you must be exhausted. Your my favorite writer and always will be. So sit back relax and take a well deserved break. I will continue to check my mail every day, waiting for your next article.

Carol said...

You have been my daily sunshine
as I laugh, cry, and am always
inspired by your articles. Do
rest- take care and be well- and I look forward to reading you again.

Kathy said...

Get the rest you need. I do look forward to your blog. Post when you can. I've sent so many of your pictures to other friends of mine and they just love them...I will miss my daily contact with you.

Vicki said...

I know you need the rest. You are busier than a one leggged man in a butt kicking contest. I don't know how you have kept this up for this long. But I will always be there to support you. I love ya so much gal!