Sunday, July 20, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Simonscat "TV Dinner"

This delightful animated video featuring a hungry cat and his clueless human caretaker, brilliantly chronicles feline behavior.

I'll bet all the cat hair in my house, against yours, that your kitty identifies with Simon. Ask your cat to "tell it like it" is by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

LOVED the video...even better the second time around. My cats don't really bug me to eat. Of course Mouse Mouse gets me up at 5am and they eat then. I leave the food down an hour and then take it up (trying to get the girls to lose some weight). Then they know they get fed when I get home from work about 5. Weekends are a little trickier...there's always breakfast food leftover, so if someone meows at the cat food bowl on top on the microwave, I might put it down for a few minutes (unless its Toey or Missy.) Chester is my problem. He NEVER meowed as a kitten. EVER. Unless he was going to the vet of course. NOw he's this hefty STOCKY cat and he has this itty bitty meower (giggles) so maybe he's embarrassed. I taught him to meow for his food by getting up on the bar top...then he has to meow or he won't get fed. When he does that weekends, I feel like I have to feed him something, so he usually gets a little food, or I'll put the dish over there for 5 minutes and make sure the girls don't hop up there. Mouse's weight is perfect, Pirate's is good...knowing, however he'll hit 14 years old this year, when he wants extra, I'll give it to him. But why is it that the girls are so heavy? Missy Toe really does not eat that much. Wheezel, I think her medication contributes to the weight gain. She gets 10 mg of Amitriptyline a day for a peepee problem, I may try alternating 10 with 5mg for a while to see if I can wean her down to 1/2 tablet. Last time I did that though, the peepee problems just resurfaced right away. I even have two Feliway diffusers going in the house. I think her stress is MOUSE...he's a handful. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, Jo!

Kathy said...

The first animal I adopted, as an adult, was a tiger striped kitty from the Humane Society. She was usually fed as soon as I got up, around 6 AM. In her mind, this should include Saturdays and Sundays when I did not have to get up for work. Somehow, she learned to cry right into my ear when I was sleeping. So, everyday, she got fed right around the time she thought it was mealtime!!

Loved the video.

Vicki said...

Cute video. But I think if I had been the poor guy I would have fed the kitty in the beginning and had it over with.

Anonymous said...

I free feed my cats, but they will tell me when they are not happy with one kind and go to other bowl to be filled with different kind. Cats are so darn smart, we humans can learn from them.

Di said...

Simonscat reminds me more of my husband than my cat.

Rani said...

That is unquestionably Rao. That's his voice. Although since wer got the leather furniture, Rao will go over and scratch the (corrugated cardboard) scratchers instead of the sofa. Thank God... I think hubby would toss Rao out for good if he clawed the leather.

We both tend to engage the cats in conversation. Like:
Rao: "RAO"
DH: what are you bitching about? You have food. You have water.
Rao: RAO. RAO RAO RAO!!!!!

That might mean "Yes, but I don't have a FULL dry food dish" or it might be "But where is my CANNED food?" or "I don't LIKE this brand of cat food" or "Not ENOUGH water, TYVM."

Baby can be distracted by such conversation. Rao is a different story.