Thursday, July 24, 2008

Optical Illusion? A Very Long Cat?

I have heard the expression "Git along, little doggie", but never anything of the kind in connection with kitties.

Either this is the longest Abyssinian ever to exist, or our eyes are being deceived.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I had to do a double take with that photo. I wonder HOW the photographer got that particular shot, hard work, or just plain lucky?

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

perhaps these are twin cats under the desk- laying in perfect alingment

Kathy said...

That is a wonderful picture!!! I never seem to have my camera ready when my pets do something cute or unusual.


Vicki said...

What a cute picture. And like Kathy, I never seem to have my camera ready. I run to get it, but by the time I get back, the picture I was going to take is long gone.

annie! said...

hmmmm -- actually that looks like two cats -- the back end of one and the front end of another.

does anyone really know the answer???

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS....I LOVE IT! Talk about having your camera ready at just the right moment (which is NOT one of my strong points LOL)

Nancy said...

TWO cats! Someone must have had their camera around their neck! Not a bad idea for a blogger!

bea3855 said...

....cute and lovely pic...nice blog you have in all!
Welcome to mine as well:
Greetings from Europe

bea3855 said...

...Ooooo well, found you here cos you have a tag CAT, just like me!!
Purrrrrrfect, isn't it!?!
Best European wishes