Saturday, July 26, 2008

Running of The Bulls: A Terrible Waste

An annual "Running of the Bulls" festival held in Huamantla, Mexico, recreating the Pamploma Bull Running festival in spain, left over a dozen people injured, two seriously. Twelve bulls are let loose in the streets of the village, before being returned to the stable in which they are kept.

While a blogger customarily writes about events with a neutral eye, this festive "custom" gets my blood boiling. Running of the bulls, or bullfights sets my teeth on edge. A cruel and heartless practice, I have to admit that I feel for the bulls and while I don't enjoy hearing about people being injured, these folks ask for it. Frightened angry bulls being tormented by humans just seems senseless and I am on the side of the bulls.

Perhaps this is a wake up call to ban the practice of using bulls for human entertainment. I certainly hope so. There is nothing artistic or graceful about bull fighting in my opinion.

Uploaded to YouTube by diagonaluk, the bulls score a couple of brutal hits during a bull run.

What are your feelings about the "art" of bullfighting, or the highly attended bull running festivals? Leave a comment share


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how humans can be so cruel to animals. It makes me so angry it is hard to articulate my thoughts.

These are living, breathing, feeling creatures and this practice is just horrible. Bull fighting needs to be banned. Why not just go back to gladiators and let humans "duke" it out amongst themselves. At least they have a choice.

An Avid Animal Lover

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but there are many cruel and terrible things done to animals in Spain and Mexico and are called festivals or celebrations. They are to hideous to mention.
I always cheer for the bulls. If someone is stupid enough to run in front of a bull or "fight" a bull they deserve just what they get. Bullfighting is barbaric. Matadors are nothing short of exhibitionist out to stroke their own egos.
I could go on for hours.

Nancy said...

I am on the bulls' side, too! That just goes to show the mentality of these people! And they were cheering? How sick can one be!!!!

Did you hear about the 67-year old IGNORANT man in FL who was throwing kittens out of his truck on the freeway? One was struck by a car and killed, another got away (they're still looking for it), and a third one was rescued. He was arrested at his home, and guess what they found at his home? A mother kitten nursing her babies under a tree!!! In this terrible heat!!! So those kittens would have faced the same fate! I understand the penalty for a crime such as this is $5,000 fine and 6 months in jail! NOT nearly long enough, if I were asked!!!! All he had to do if he didn't want them was to turn them over to the SPCA! DUMB, DUMB people living on this planet of ours!!!!!

This is EXACTLY why I have 33 cats living in my home!!! They are all safe, clean, disease-free, spayed and neutered, well-fed, HAPPY, and all receive regular vet care, too!

We all need to band together for better animal laws and stronger punishment for animal cruelty!!!!

Kathy said...

I am right there with you. I have a cousin that ran with the bulls several years ago in Spain and I think went back this year. (He lives in England.) I don't understand the "glory" in this or what everyone gets out of it. The festival in Spain involves very heavy drinking with most of the crown becoming seriously drunk by the time the bulls enter the scene. The whole thing horrifies me and I am not surprised that people get hurt.

I root for the bulls.


Vicki said...

I have always hated this tradition, and have no idea what the purpose of it is. I see no entertainment value in it whatsoever. And bullfighting is even worse. If those people put themselves in a harmful position, for no reason at all, they should be injured, and the bulls should be protected.