Monday, July 7, 2008

This Dog is Not Getting into Heaven!

I will betcha anything that this dog is not going to heaven.

While I must admit this d*g is creatively intelligent, I have no doubt that it was enhanced through the extraordinary examples set by his house-mate, the cat!

We all know that dogs drool and Cats Rule!

Enjoy this short and sweet video from dd63abc.

I have seen "sneaky", but this takes the cake, don't you agree? Leave a comment when you finish giggling!


Anonymous said...

OK so thats how it became "the cat did it". But, I have to add I do have a cat that does drool when she is being petted.

Vicki said...

Oh too funny! That is one clever doggy. I would say he is going to heaven because he is so creative!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know cats, and I'm pretty sure that this smart kitty can figure a way out of this very sticky predicament.