Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Swimming Kitty?

This little video really caught my attention. It is, of course very unique. I suspect I was drawn to it, because I recently have started swimming every day for an enjoyable form of exercise.

Of course I have no lofty ideas that our cats would be at all interested in purrsuing something of this nature.

Apparently this calico cat is a water loving feline from the get -go, so it was not much of a stretch to introduce her to the fun sport of SCUBA.

I had to share this, as it really was quite an amazing video uploaded to YouTube by TechPepsi, her human companion. Enjoy.

Don't you think this kitty is rather unusual? Leave a comment and let me know.


Donna said...

Guess I have mixed feelings about having a dog/cat scuba dive.

What choice did they have after being put into all that paraphanelia? (sp?)

If kitty loves to swim, then I think she should do it above water, so she can get out whenever she feels like it.

Stella Gaynor said...

I have seen it before, great video.  Now that is an owner who took enhancing what the cat does one step further. 

Training a cat to do a trick is taking what it loves to do and taking it that extra step. You can't train a cat to do what it doesn't want to do

Sondra said...

Fascinating! Some cats do enjoy water, but I have to agree with Stella in that I didn't see this cat actually participating in the SCUBA process. She seemed much more engaged when she was swimming with her head above water.


Anonymous said...

OMG I watched the scuba diving bit with stomach churning. OK if cats and dogs like water and swimming and choose to do it, but it's a bit different to forcing them into diving gear ! Supposing the cat or dog panicked or the chap let go ? It doesn't bear thinking about !
Ruth from England

Babz said...

I thought Hawkeye looked as though she enjoyed swimming but not too sure about the scubadiving, she seemed to be carried along by a handle and her legs were just hanging, she wasn't swimming then. She's obviously used to it as she wasn't struggling but I don't care much for the underwater stuff, he should just let her swim in the pool with her doggy friend. It was nice to see a cat and dog such good friends.

Vicki said...

As unuasual as it is to see a cat swimming, I have to agree with Donna. I think that if the cat likes to swim, it should be able to do it on it's own free will. I really don't like the idea that it is being forced on him.

jmuhj said...

I have a calico friend who loves to go swimming with her harness and leash, in her above-ground pool, with her human brothers. She's amazing! Her mom tells me she cries if she can't go swimming with them!

(Not crazy about the dog, and it's upsetting to me seeing it in the house and on the bed -- so unhygienic! But Hawkeye is a GORGEOUS cat and I'm so glad she has such a loving guy!

Rani said...

I think Hawkeye is a beautiful cat who adores and indulges her pet human. It seems to me that she enjoys swimming but tolerates the scuba experience.

I had a calico cat that adored water and was a swimmer, but she was a Turkish cat and they are notorious for loving water. If you want to call a cat, shake the food bag or tap the can-opener. If you want to call a Turkish cat, turn on a faucet. Couldn't keep Roux out of the bathtub or sinks. Looking at Hawkeye, I think she could have some Turkish Van in her.

Janis said...

It appears to me the cat likes it ok or it would be clawing and biting to not get in the scuba diving outfit. I think its adorable and the cat looks very relaxed. My cats dont like water. I hoped they would but no such luck.

Everycat said...

Great for the cat to be able to swim when she wishes to, unfettered. But I can't find a way to believe that the scuba stuff is anything but the owner using her to provide himself with dinner party anecdotes and novelty.

Poor cat has no choice at all!