Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Sabu and Mandy Loo Hoo

It is really fun when I can have a "two for one" Pet of the Week, with such two outstandingly gorgeous felines. Both of these beauties own DBDustbuny and I am sure they know just how to wrap her around their paws.

I thought they just had that "look" that deserved claim to fame, no matter how long it lasts. These kitties have PURRSONALITY to spare.

So let's send a rounding sound of apaws to Sabu and Mandy Loo Hoo and DBDustbuny for this weekly honor, and leave an appreciative comment for them all.


Vicki said...

Congrats on being chosen for this honor. Beautiful cats.

Amy said...

What beautiful kitties to be sure. Adorable and very smart looking too. Hum who is that hiding in the backround?
Congrats on being pets of the week.

jmuhj said...

ConCATulations to a LOVELY duo. And yes, who IS that tuxedo cutie?

DBDustbuny said...

The Tuxedo in the background is Lucybelle.

She was one of our rescues and lived with us for 18 years.

Now she is at the Rainbow bridge. We were blessed her sweet spirited presence when she was with us.