Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Pompy

Andy is an 89 year-old senior citizen residing in California. He is owned by Pompy, a faithful 14- year-old apricot poodle who is super attached to his human companion. It is said that they are almost "glued at the hip".

Pompy sulks when he cannot go out with Andy on those occasions where doggies are not allowed. He can also be very aggressive for a "little" dog, obviously not knowing that his stature is somewhat diminuative.

It is so heartwarming to see two "seniors" who are so obviously in love with one another. It surely gives credence to how important our pets are to us, especially as we get older.

Pompy has earned the honor of being our Pet of the Week. Let's leave both Andy and Pompy a round of apaws and congratulate Pompy on his Internet claim to fame, by leaving a comment for them.


Babz said...

Two wonderful old chaps together, I wish them many more happy years. This shows how much animals and humans can enrich each other's lives.

Vicki said...

Big congrats to Andy and Pompy for being pet of the week. It is so great to see our seniors enjoying the company of our fur babies. Best of luck to you both.

Lisa said...

Very heart-warming :) I love hearing of stories like this.