Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

For our weekly quotient of Awws and Ohhhs, I thought this little kitten video would provide just enough of them for you cat lovers out there!

So sit back and relax ... enjoy this very sweet video uploaded to YouTube by auroral

Did you feel like dancing along with the music or did watching the kittens captivate you?

Leave a comment and let us know!


Vicki said...

What a cute video. Kittens can find entertainment with just about anything. I thought the one kitten was going to play "Whack a Mole" with the one in the box. Too cute.

kattaddorra said...

Lovely kittens, the one in the box certainly wasn't going to give it up lol
I turned the sound off as it sort of jangled against the innocence of those kittens.

Donna said...

How totally way that baby was giving up HIS fort to any sibling...thanks for the smiles...needed it today!

jmuhj said...

I couldn't handle the music much as I don't care for rock, but I LOVED the kittens!!! "AWWWWWW" plus!

Rani said...

Adorable! Not crazy about the music myself.