Friday, July 31, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Etty

The internet has given me the opportunity to meet some preffy nifty cat people in England. One of my long distance "pen" pals sent me a photograph of a kitty that has stolen her heart, as well as one of her dear friend, Fran who already had 15 rescue cats sharing her home..

So this is a short story about Etty, a very lucky cat who managed to find some angelic folks who started taking care of her. Etty was a kitty that came to be fed for awhile. She would hang outside the door when she noticed that my friend was feeding other needy cats and dogs in the area. Slowly she began to trust the nice humans that were taking such good care of her. She slowly began to trust and settle down and even delightedly started to purr.

To make this rather long story a bit shorter , what is most important is that this beautiful kitty was obviously not receiving the care she desperately needed. It didn't take much for Fran to decide to take her into her already overflowing house to give her the permanent forever loving home she deserves.

So I thought she deserved to be our Pet of the Week, and my heart goes out to my friends, and Fran for their kindness and love. Let's give Fran and Etty a few comments of conCATulations for this honor.

But I must say that it is my honor to have "met" these ladies from across the ocean who share the love of felines, which makes them very special to me.


Amy said...

What a wonderful story. Congrats to Etty for finding these kind,loving warm hearted people.

jmuhj said...

Fran's my Heroine of the Day! And Etty? Well, if that's her in the photo, she is a little charmer! LOVE these happy rescue stories. Live for 'em, as a matter of fact!

Babz said...

Fran is a real cat lady, her family of felines all had a bad start in life one way or another but once they moved in with Fran they were assured of a safe and happy home for life. Etty is settling in nicely and hopefully soon will be amongst her new brothers and sisters. They're all absolutely gorgeous and I'm proud to be their honorary aunt and to be Fran's friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm proud to be Fran's friend too.Each and every one of her rescued furries are very special and much loved and Etty is no exception.Fran works long hours from home to pay for all the food,litter,vets bills, etc and as well as the run of the house,the cats have a wonderful outdoor run where they can enjoy the sun on their backs and nibble the grass, and watch the birds, in safety.
Ruth aka Kattaddorra