Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Mini Filly

It seems that it has been ages since I featured an equine on Frequently Feline. A friend sent me these photos of a new miniature filly born ten days ago, in Victoria, Australia. She stands 15 inches high.

Bliss, her mother is quite excited with the arrival of her baby, which needs a name, by the way. The community into which she was born is quite delighted with the new addition, and many are getting involved in a competition to name the filly.

The miniature filly is the smallest born at the farm Riverdance. The breeders were even suprised at her birth, a month early. She is perfectly healthy and sound and delights in her hanging out with her companion.
Sam, Bliss and baby out for a stroll
Since she is so adorable and unique, she is our Pet of the Week. Let's pick some names for her, and maybe we can send them to her breeder for consideration.
What name would you suggest? Leave a comment and share.


Vicki said...

Several years ago we had some mini horses. We visited a farm where a new filly had just been born. They are the cutest creatures on the planet. I could cuddle this little filly forever.

Amy said...

I say name little one "Little bit of Luck". Darling little lady!

Anonymous said...

How about SplashDance. She is flashy and sassy. SplashDance would fit with RIverDance well.

jmuhj said...

Pretty bizarre.