Sunday, July 12, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Cheap Cat Toy

Aaron Rift of TheCatDiaries seems to get his paws on some very inexpensive cat toys to entertain his feline friends. This one, which has captivated one of his kitties cost all of $2.00at Wal-Mart.

So you don't have to get "fancy" to impress your kitty. Watch his adorable video of this contented cat on a financial budget plan

Do your cats enjoy bargain brands in conparison the the pricier varity?

Leave a comment and let us know.


Babz said...

Yes, our two boys don't mind cheapies either, they have a couple of those dangly things which they like to play under the mat or under the door with, and some home made catnip mice but their favourites are some very cheap red plastic ping pong balls, they play for ages with us throwing them upstairs and they dribble them around on their own.

Vicki said...

I think it is great that toys don't have to cost a bundle to entertain our fur babies. I bought a $2 toy for my little dogs yesterday and am going back to geet more. They are fighting over just the one.

Reno said...

My cats are never hard to please. We had mostly homemade cat toys and they LOVE the plastic rings from the milk jugs, and those are free! LOL

jmuhj said...

Personally, I'm mystified (not to mention fed up!) with western society's obsession with consumerism, which places are trendy to buy at, and what things cost. My values couldn't be farther from these, and I'm with the cats -- the best things in life are simple, often free, and always safe. It's the interaction they love, not the material object! Always supervise your cat's play and take any toy away that isn't safe.

Amy said...

Don't mean to be party pooper here. Cats have habit of chewing on elastic and many other things that are very thin.. I do not reccommend leaving the cats lone with this toy.
Simple thing like the rings off a gallon milk container provide tons of entertainment. Also rolling up an small wad of paper keeps cats occupied running through the house. Cats also like to retrieve like dogs do and can harass you for hours at a time.

Luvbarbaro said...

AW! That video was too cute, she was very playful and had some very nice cat stands.- I love those things & my cats really love them! :>)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy. That tiny little bell on the $2 toy could end up costing hundreds of dollars in surgery fees to retrieve it from kitty's stomach or intestines!

I work in an animal hospital, and just last week we had to operate on a 5 month old kitty to remove a little plastic Ninja star that was only about half an inch in diameter. This little kitty had not been able to keep anything on his stomach in 4 days, had not had a bowel movement in at least that long, couldn't even hold down water. He was dying.

If you buy toys like this to play with your kitties, please, please, PLEASE put them away when you aren't using them. Don't allow the kitty to have these toys when you aren't carefully watching.


Anonymous said...

Give any of my rescues a ping pong ball and step back and watch the action. Enticing on tile, due to the sound the ball makes when it rolls, it is chased and pounced on as if it was active prey. Also a WalMart special, $2.00 buys you a pack of 6!