Friday, July 3, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Jason and Tyler

The "cat is out of the bag", so to speak, since I have already disclosed that classic silver American Shorthair cats are one of my favorites breeds. Their stunning markings with that contrasting bullseye pattern just gets my heart beating just a little faster.

So it was, of course, wonderful to meet my online pal, Carol, who shares her home with two beauties. Jason and Tyler are really just gorgeous.

It is an honor for me to select them as our Pets of the Week. Let's give them all a cat lover's round of apaws, and conCATulations.


Babz said...

Those two little chaps are gorgeous. Mind you I've never in all my life met an un-gorgeous cat have you?

kattaddorra said...

They are two beauties, I want to kiss their furry heads XX

Donna said... adorable. When I took Missy to the vet today, there was a TOTALLY ADORABLE pic of a tabby long hair kitten named Muffin looking for a home. OHHHH it was SO hard not to take a phone number home, but Mouse...well, Mouse rules, and I don't think he's going to allow any more critters until he mellows some into maturity...and he ain't no where close to that at 3. His birthday was last Sunday, and boy, did he know it. LOL

Amy said...

Precious picture! I can just see them planing on what to get into next. Congrats on being chosen "Pet of the Week"

Vicki said...

What beautiful kitties, and what a wonderful photo of them. Congrats for being Pet Of The week.

Rani said...

"This is Us, doing 'cute kitties'."