Sunday, March 8, 2009

Silent Sunday: Well Almost.. 'Cept for the Snoring!

Cats and deep sleep often go together like apple pie and ice cream. Since this is Silent Sunday, I had to break the tradition and introduce "Java Jackson", who's owner refers to him as "the caffeinated tuxedo", since he tends to "bounce off walls" with his huge output of energy.

I think he was plumb tuckered out, during the filming of this video, uploaded to You Tube by lisacat. A BARC Shelter alumni cat, this cutie pie can sure snore up a storm. And if you listen carefully, his feline friend, Hodge's high pitched snores can be heard in the background.

Do your cats snore? Leave a comment and let us know! Yawning here!


Vicki said...

Oh my goodness! I have never heard a cat snore before. I have dogs that snore until the windows rattle, but never a cat. This is very interesting to me.

Donna said...

My Wheezel snores...and wheezes...allergies and asthma. When I first got her -- my first lil girl cat in ages -- I wanted to name her Lil Bit or Lil Girl. She'd answer to neither. But as I worked away on my computer with the kitten in back of me in the cat tree...znoring and wheezing away, I said "You're just my little Wheezel aren't you?" She meowed and that's been her name since. I can still find her when she sleeps in unusual places by her breathing/snoring as she sleeps. The first and second Springs I had her, I was afraid I would lose was so hard for her to breathe. Finally the vet and I happened on an antibiotic laced with a steriod that knocked the heck out of what was wrong with her. She still gets "it" every spring, but as long as she sneezes on my windows and the um, 'output' left on the windows is clear, I know she's OK. She just turned 10 on Friday...and still sneezing every spring. Gotta love that Wheezel/Sneezel!

Amy said...

Now that was precious! Yes cats snore and dream as we all know. They will also drool when they are being petted by the human they own.