Sunday, March 1, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

To say that kittens are adorable is a huge understatement. They can entertain us for hours. While this video of a fabulous Scottish Fold baby kitten, uploaded to YouTube by Panda0000000 will delight you only for a little over a minute, I bet your chuckles will last a lot longer. Enjoy!

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Donna said...

That kitten is cuter than cute can be, but he obviously wants DOWN...I hope the owner helped the little guy out.

Other than that...GIMME! LOL

Vicki said...

What a precious little kitty. But I agree with Donna. Why is the owner busy filming him when he obviously wants to get down? I hope they helped him when they finished the filming.

Samantha said...

I agree with what the two other posters said. While really adorable, I get the impression this little one is scared and wants down to a safer place.

Love the sweet face and ears :)

AMY said...

I felt so sorry for the kitten. It actually broke my heart to listen to it's crying to get down.