Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Happy Birth Announcement

While you might not guess it, from some of the terrible weather which has been plaguing some of the areas in the country, Spring is just around the corner. This is the season when mares deliver their foals who will be actively cavorting in pastures and paddocks along side their mothers.

It gives me great joy to announce one of these births. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson, who owned Barbaro, a horse who stole the hearts of so many people, and who will forever be remembered by horse lovers around the world, recently shared the news about their newest colt, Barbaro's third full baby brother.

Born to La Ville Rogue and sired by Dynaformer, the colt was born on March 10, at 10:45 PM at Mill Ridge Farm near Lexington, Kentucky. At birth, he weighed 145 pounds. I highly suspect that this colt will be named Sereno for the fourth hound in that famous family lithograph owned by the Jacksons.

According to "Blood Horse Magazine" Headley Bell, the managing partner at Mill Ridge said, “He is a good size colt with plenty of leg and size as indicative of his weight. A bay colt, he only has a marking on the center of his forehead. Thankfully both mom and baby are well.”

While I do not have a photograph of the newcomer, I had to share a photo of Nicanor, Barbaro's first full brother, shortly after he was born.

And while not considered a "pet", it gives me a great deal of pleasure to bestow the title of Pet of the Week for the new baby.

Please leave a comment of congratulations for the birth of the new colt.


Vicki said...

I am anxious to see a picture of this new baby. I understand he has a little star on his forehead much like Barbaro. I will be waiting to catch a glimpse of him.

Heather said...

Congrats for new colt. Should be a winner as Mar. 10 was my birthday as well altho I'm a LOT older lol.
Looking forward to seeing picture of him also.

Li said...

I think of my horse as a pet and much more.