Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

I have seen some patient cats in my time, but this little one really takes "PATIENCE" to another level, completely.

Uploaded to YouTube by MaRmARK0, I think this short video is a fitting tribute to just how tolerant cats can be.

Are your cats as gentle and considerate as you would like? Leave a comment and share your experiences.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely cat ! Our Jozef wouldn't put up with that,he has the dog population in our Grove terrified ! He blows himself up, with a foxes brush too, and they run yelping at the sight of him.We call him our pit bull cat lol
Ruth from England

Donna said...

What a loving cat! He sure took a lot from that puppy before putting him in his place. The puppy is cuter than cute's to hoping they both live a long fun filled life!


Anonymous said...

Methinks this must be a mama cat!


Vicki said...

Well if that doesn't take the cake! That is one special kitty, and that puppy is nothing short of adorable. How very special.

Amy said...

It is evident the cat is dog friendly. She must know it is just a puppy and has experience dealing with little ones. Bravo to this kitty for being so patient for so long before she disciplined the puppy.