Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

OK . . . I am dating myself . . . BUT:
Are these kittens "Real or Memorex?" or some kind of mirror tricks? Enjoy watching these adorable black and white lookalikes, uploaded to YouTube by donkhorse,having some fun!

Leave a comment and share your thoughts about these adorable babies. Is there really more than one?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous kittens ! They reminded me of how our boyz used to play when they were little ! They're 7 years old now,still play sometimes but not like that any more.

Anonymous said...

My kitties used to play like that too. Now when i see them playing it's because they are having a little spat! Teenagers gotta love em!

Vicki said...

They are so cute. I love to watch cats having fun like this. I wish it were this easy for humans!

Donna said...

See! Now I'm sure Pirate is uploading stuff from my computer to you! How adorable!

Rani said...

Oh yeah, there are two of them. Obviously littermates.

If they were mine, I think I'd name them Yin and Yang!


Anonymous said...

Tooooo cute! I could watch kittens play all day long, they are so entertaining and sweet!