Friday, March 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline-Pet of the Week

Xena at 8 weeks of age

Surfing the Internet as much as I do, it is inevitable that I "meet" some fascinating feline fanciers who share my passion for cats. While answering a question on Yahoo Answers the other day, I made a new friend, Angela, who's kitty, Xena, caught my eye!

Angela gave her that "Warrior Kitten" name as she was a fiercely brave kitten who "never backed down". Angela met Xena when the mamma cat, a Domestic Short Hair grey tabby, with 5 kittens two days old, was brought into the vet's office where Angela was working. Angela, seeing the kitten's unique markings, fell in love and "had to" adopt her ... and it has been a love affair for 8 years now.

Ms Xena is a Diva kitty. She loves to stare at her reflection in the mirror, admiring her reflection. Well, this is certainly not unreasonable for such a beautiful girl!

Xena is her soul kitty, who has added so much to her life. This is a friendship which was destined to be!

So without further amew, Xena is our beautiful Snow Shoe kitty Pet of the Week.

Please leave a comment of conCATulations to Xena's "mom" Angela, and her "dad", James, and of course lots of head bonks to this fabulous feline.


Samantha said...

OH what an extremely beautiful cat! WOW! Best wishes to the winner and her family :)

Amy said...

She is a beautiful cat. Congrats on being "Pet of the Week".

Gene said...

What an EXQUISITE KITTY! I bet she's treated like a queen.


Donna and the Chessie Pride

Donna said...

Okay, that was me, not Gene again LOL

Sigh, I miss AOL's boards!

Anonymous said...

Xena used to love me, but I am a stranger to her now. But she is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. I remember when Ang brought her home. She was so tiny & I didn't think she would survive. Angela's love brought her through!Cutest little kitten, but tiny!I live far away now :( Missing all of them..Mom