Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline:Mean Kitty Fame

Purrhaps Cory has been to a few cat shows lately, and has been influenced by those show judges that s t r e t c h out cats to their full length when in the show ring. Since cats love to stretch, it follows that Sparta and Loki enjoy Cory's attention.

Enjoy this little video by Themeankitty and leave a comment for us:)


Vicki said...

Well the first kitty is certainly submissive. The second one just doesn't know how to play the game yet. But they are both very pretty.

Rani said...

Rao is probably that long. I could measure him on the floor, where he loves to stretch. Doubtful that he'd cooperate in the air, though. Baby is not that long and wouldn't cooperate anyway.

jmuhj said...

MOL! Too cute! We grow some longies here, too, but they're too busy on important Cat Business to take time for a measuring op.