Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

I am a huge fan of The Mean Kitty Videos. Cory obviously adores his kitties since he is always uploading new videos about them, chronically their daily lives.

I always wondered how Sparta reacted when Loki was introduced to the household, and happily I found a video "diary" of the beginning of a very remarkable and close friendship.

Hope you enjoy this treat.

Aren't they two beautiful kitties? Leave a comment and share!


Sondra said...

Are both of these cats neutered males? I ask because I'm having the devil of a time with two of my three cats. I have one female(Grace) and two males, Nick and Mr. Big; all have been altered. They are all adults, about 7 years old. Nick and Grace have been together for 6 years; Mr. Big was adopted 6 months ago, and he continually stalks and chases Nick until I have to isolate Mr. Big in another room with the door closed.

When I brought Mr. Big home, he lived in the guest bathroom for 2 weeks, gradually letting the 3 of them see each other through a baby gate until Mr. Big decided to climb over it. After that, there was no separation except for an extra bedroom.

Mr. Big gets along beautifully with Grace, but we've used Feliway diffusers, Rescue Remedy and Prozac on him to try to stop the fighting between him and Nick. I've considered rehoming Mr. Big, but I have no takers that I would trust to give him a good and loving home.

I'm desperate for a solution to this problem. Any suggestions?


kneadstoknow said...

Hi Sondra,

Yes they are both neutered males.

Small suggestion about Mr. Big. Prozac really made our cat Hubble FAR more anxious and actually more aggressive as well. We switched him to Elavil (amytriptaline) and within a week or so- (of course a week after weaning him off the Prozac) his attitude was so much improved and, in fact, much of his aggressive and OCD behavior abated as well.

Vicki said...

I am glad they are close friends. They both looked like they were anxious to be good buds.

Amy said...

Not to worry it is not just a "male thing". I have 3 sets of sisters ranging from about 7 years (2), 3 years (3) and 1 year (2). The "middle" group is aggressive towards to youngest set. Haven't figured out how to solve that either. About 90% of the times things are nice and quiet.

jmuhj said...

GORGEOUS catguys -- do they take a tail growth supplement, I wonder? Both Sparta and Loki have such, ahem, long, lustrous ones! ;)

Their servants, umm, people, are doing all the right things in this video to foster friendship between the two. ConCATs to them -- it's obviously paid off!

Love the music, too!

Reno said...

Beautiful cats. And it is very obvious that both humans are dedicated to their kitties. :)