Friday, September 4, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Bonnie

I so enjoy "meeting" folks from Great Britain. I love the way they pamper and spoil their cats and show their strong affection toward their "moggies".

Fran, a cat lover par excellence, adopted Bonnie, who is around two years old. Bonnie was "passed from pillar to post" and was found through a local charity shop where the woman in charge wanted "rid of her". Poor Bonnie sat in a cutlery drawer, too frightened to move.

But that was eight months ago, and as you can see, she is coming into herself, full of confidence and trust. Her tail is gorgeous now. She loves to hang out on top of the fridge in Fran's kitchen, but of course has full run of the house. Bonnie also spends time in the garden, sunning herself, and enjoying other feline companionship.

Beautiful Bonnie is our Pet of the Week. Please leave a congratulatory comment for Fran and Bonnie.


jmuhj said...

Thank God Bonnie and her loving new purrson are now "an item"; and may they be so for a long, happy, healthy, loved life!

As for the "woman" -- don't even get me started, but there's a very special place for her and it ain't Upstairs.

kattaddorra said...

Thanks for such a lovely article Jo. I'm lucky enough to live next door to Bonnie and her 7 brothers and 7 sisters, many of who run to say 'Hello Auntie Ruth 'whenever I pop round.Fran has rescued all 15 of her gorgeous furry family over the years.She often says No more room at the Inn,but then another needy cat turns up.We've added an extension to the garden run(3'mature'ladies,hard work but great fun)We just love cats !

Babz said...

I've been talking to Bonnie this morning, she's tickled pink to be the cat of the week. She oversaw some work on the cat run, and then after giving me a cuddle demanded I lift her onto the fridge freezer for a nap. I love that little cat she's so funny and unique, I'm proud to be her auntie. The woman who "got rid of her" didn't appreciate what a beautiful cat she is.

Amy said...

What an awesome kitty! May your lives together be long and very happy ones. Congrats on being pet of the week.

Everycat said...

Hello Bonnie, you are beautiful and look like you have really landed on all four paws in your safe home. A cosy box by the stash of cat food is a particularly sensible napping spot!