Friday, October 2, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Abigail

Abigail, our Pet of the Week is a very special senior catizen, who has reached the amazing age of 25. She owns Doug, the pharmacy manager in the pharmacy where my dear friend Donna is a licensed pharmacy tech.

Donna is a passionate cat lover, has had the honor of being Abigail's surrogate care taker bestowed upon her, and takes care of Abigale when Doug is on vacation. Donna is totally in love with Abigail and treasures the time she spends with her.

While Abigail sometimes has difficulty eating as she has lost many of her teeth, she loves to be carried around while Donna is preparing her food, which is done with tender loving care. Abigail eats cat food mixed with some warm water to enhance its aroma, a jar of baby food and special kitty vitamins.

Amazingly Abigail also manages to get her share of the dry food which is left for her and her younger feline cohort, Hailey. Donna also shared that Abigail recognizes the sound of her car when she drives up to the house, even though Doug thinks that Abigail is deaf. Donna is convinced that since Doug is a pharmacist, that he has invented some feline longevity medication! But this suspicion of course, is just a joke between them.

So let's conCATulate Abigail as our "Very Special Senior" Pet of the Week, Doug for his profound love for his kitty, and of course, Donna for the extra attention and the special place that Abigail holds in her heart.

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Vicki said...

My goodness, at age twenty five, this cat deserves Pet Of The Week and more. Huge Congrats on this honor!

jmuhj said...

Awww, Abigail! What a little beauty. I know of a very handsome younger orange man (of 23) who'd probably love to meet you!

Donna said...

She IS our eyes. She'll do so poorly for awhile everyone is afraid it's the end, then like the miracle kitty she is, she'll rebound. I go to feed them one more time tomorrow, then Kim and Doug will be back and Abby will be spending all the rest of the weekend in Doug's lap!

kattaddorra said...

Abigail is beautiful.I wish her many more happy years of being so much loved.

Babz said...

Blessings to Abigail what a wonderful age she is and what good care she has. I hope she has a long time yet to enjoy her well deserved TLC.