Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline:Feline Toy!

I recently gave this toy to a friend as a Catmas gift. I thought it was quite adorable and highly fun for felines. Apawrently these kitties agree with my choice of gift.

Uploaded to you tube by CatToysDotCom this toy seems to be getting a lot of interest by some charming cats. Enjoy!

Would your cats play with this toy? Leave a comment and share your opinions.


Donna said...

I don't know...they don't seem to be much into toys, but where did you get it? I'd like to give it a try!

Donna (and the ChessiePride)

Vicki said...

I have never seen this kind of toy, but these cute felines seem to be quite happy playing with it. It always amazes me to see what fun kitties have playing with yarn, or some type of string. It doesn't take a lot to amuse them.

Amy said...

Don't mean to be a party pooper here. To me something like that might be spelling trouble. We all know cats love strings, but they also have this urge to chew on the strings. I would worry about them ingesting parts of the string causing damage to their insides. said...

My cats would dearly love this but also probably have it torn apart by the days end. I would also worry about one of them catching it and eating it. It seems like it would be a good toy as long as it was never left unattended while it was running.