Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Popcorn

This adorable kitten, named Popcorn, was a very willing subject for my photographer friend, Jim Arnold. Jim always finds the best shots, and has a great talent for purrsuading those of the feline species to pose so coquetishly.

Check out his blog and enjoy his excellent photos.

Jim's caption of this photo is "Popcorn looking up to see who is spoiling their catnip." I betcha anything that Jim is has it in his pocket so that Popcorn will cooperate.

Popcorn is our choice for pet of the week and the second one in 2009! Let's conCATulate them with a round of apaws.


Anonymous said...

Rosi M

Yup, barn cats are soooooo special!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE his name...Popcorn! But he certainly doesn't look like a 'barn' cat to me. He looks very pampered and spoiled, as all cats deserve to be (just my opinion, of course).

Amy said...

I love barn kitties. They all seem to have a hidden magic about them.

Jim Arnold said...

Popcorn and his buddy Monkey are barn cats in that they live in the barn, however they enjoy occasional office privileges. They are hunters and cleared the feed area of all rats.
You can see another photo of Popcorn as a working cat on my blog at